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Living Reminders

The people you love will change you. 
The things you have learned will guide you.
And nothing on Earth can silence 
the quiet voice still inside you.

This wisdom is offered to Moana by the spirit of her grandmother Tala. The song “I Am Moana” comes right at the turning point of the story, as Moana is feeling completely defeated, alone, and ready to quit. Into that moment comes Tala, to remind Moana of who she is and the story of which she is a part.

It is exactly what Moana needed to hear. In that moment she resolves to complete the journey ahead of her, no matter what challenges may lie in her path. She proclaims:

I will carry you here in my heart, you’ll remind me
That come what may, I know the way.
I am Moana!

The people we love change us…

They inspire. They correct. They make us better versions of ourselves. And when they die and are no longer a part of our day-to-day lives, they live on in our memories. They live on in the ways they influence our actions, our attitudes.

We carry our loved ones in our hearts, as living reminders that we do know the way, regardless of what happens. 

This weekend, we bring our “Life, Death, & Disney” worship series to an end with a focus on the movie “Moana” and the biblical story of Moses. Both characters led their people from captivity to freedom, guided by the memory of their ancestors before them.

When we trust the Spirit to lead us, no one knows how far we’ll go! I’ll see y’all in church.




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