Anger Sermon Series

Anger Sermon Series

If you haven’t noticed lately, there’s a lot of anger brewing in our culture. It seems fashionable to divide ourselves into opposing camps, whatever they might be, and see how high our blood pressure rises.

However, things weren’t a lot different back in Jesus’ day (with the exception of social media). We can learn a lot from the Bible in terms of constructive and destructive uses of anger.

My sermon series that will lead up to Easter is titled, “Moving Past Anger.” In three sermons, we’ll explore why Jesus provoked people to anger, and what provoked him as well. We’ll be able to see ourselves in each of the three scripture passages. The goal is to help us move past these feelings so we can be the disciples Jesus calls us to be. It will take us being rooted in honesty and humility, which is a great Lenten goal.

Here are the titles and texts. Looking forward to sharing these with you!

Pastor Greg

* * *

March 31—JESUS: Identifying with the Socially Unacceptable

We’ll look at Luke’s version of Jesus returning to his home town of Nazareth, and why his townsfolk were upset with him to the point they wanted to throw him off a cliff. Luke 4:14-30

April 7—JESUS: Refusing His Place in the Social Order

We’ll look at Matthew’s version of the same incident as the one above. However, the townsfolk in Matthew’s account are angry for a totally different reason. Matthew 13:53-58

April 14—JESUS: Threatening the Powerful (Palm Sunday)

Now it’s Jesus’ turn to display anger. What angered him, and how he handled it, reflect a model each of us should try to imitate. Mark 3:1-6

* * *

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