Rev. Brad Bryan

Rev. Brad Bryan

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FEARLESS COMMUNITY: What I Wish I Knew When I Started

Workshop Description: Five years as Pastor of Wilkes and Executive Director of Turning Point has had its fair share of unexpected challenges. From neighborhood relations and local government policies to becoming the outlet for all of a person’s lifetime of trauma, these are the things I wish I had known before coming to Wilkes Blvd UMC. If you are interested in or are currently involved with ministry for the unhoused community, this workshop is for you.

Biography: Rev. Bryan is an Elder in the United Methodist Church and has served as pastor of Wilkes Blvd UMC and Executive Director of Turning Point Day Center for five years. Education at Saint Paul School of Theology fostered a practical ecclesiology in Rev Bryan and reinforced the centrality of local church missions, service, and justice work in his ministry. Rooted in relationships, Turning Point Day Center seeks to provide dignity and hope to unsheltered people through the provisions of daily basic needs and referral services.

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