Call to Worship

Call to Worship

This Call to Worship comes as an invitation to “Rediscover, Renew, and Recreate.” And here’s what it looks like:

The season of Lent is approaching; the five weekends of March are contained in the sacred season this year. The “Call to Worship” is simple: Make a commitment to attend worship every weekend of the season of Lent. Every weekend of March, make a point to participate in a congregational worship service.

That’s it. Simple right? Just worship. Make worship a priority, even if you are traveling. (Yes, there is a church near your Spring Break spot!) When the Church is showing up for worship, show up too. You can even worship with us online from anywhere!

Worship is one of the very few places in which a group of very diverse people come together seeking the same thing: CONNECTION. We seek to connect with something beyond ourselves, something other than our workplaces or our classrooms. We seek to connect with others who are also seeking, sometimes simply by occupying the same space at the same time. And we seek to connect with our authentic self, our innermost being, our true self that we sense we can become.

In worship we can rediscover that connection. That rediscovery can renew our spirits. And that renewal can recreate meaning and purpose in our lives.

We are all “Called to Worship!” We are called to “Rediscover, Renew, and Recreate.” And as we journey through Lent toward the joy of Easter, may our desire for connection guide us into an abundant, hopeful, grace-filled life together!