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You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught

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Passage: Ruth 1:1, 3-8, 14-18
Series: Changed for Good: Transformations on Broadway

The intercultural relationships featured in “South Pacific” mirror the intercultural relationship between Ruth and Naomi. Prejudice is taught, as Deuteronomy teaches that Moabites should be prohibited from being a part of the community. However, Ruth shatters that expectation, like Lt. Cable and Liat shatter the expectations of their cultural teachings.




“Confession is just spiritual language for truth-telling” (from the Arthur Riley devo). When we confess, sharing the truth about ourselves with God and with one another, it sets us free. We release those parts of us that are not authentic to who we are so that we are free to

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CONNECTIONS | Health & Recreation

Health & RECREATION Manchester UMC offers a variety of adult Health and Recreation Groups where you can help to enhance your physical health in a fun and supportive environment. Explore these options to find a group that fits your interests and schedule.  Let us know which group(s) you’d like to

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