Why Do You Love Me?

May 13, 2018
How is a mother's love like God's love? Is love free or something you earn? Don't miss this Mother's Day message by Pastor Greg.

Love Never Fails

May 12, 2018
"Love is patient, love is kind." Imagine if everyone would naturally extend grace to the generation that came before, as well as the generation that follows.” Don't miss this Mother's…

Plug Into Jesus

May 6, 2018
Have you ever found yourself frustrated because your mobile phone battery is almost drained? Here's how we can “Plug into Jesus” so that our spiritual battery stayes charged.
The church is where Jesus comes alive through the power of story. This is where you know, in your heart, that there is a God who loves you and has…

No Matter What

April 28, 2018
Think of someone you love deeply. Your relationship with God is every bit as real. Through the love-language of prayer, perspective shifts, and it’s a new day.
Jesus is our link to God. Through Him, we experience God’s presence and desire for our lives. It’s NOT rational, but spiritual, which is what makes Jesus so amazing.

Look Again

April 21, 2018
“The Lord is my shepherd…” In the midst of darkness and pain there is still the excruciating beauty of living in the moment. Think you know Psalm 23? Look Again…
God is infinitely above us in every aspect. To think you understand one part of God, you are confronted by the total opposite: infinitely wise yet amazingly simple.

We Are Family

April 14, 2018
Rev. Steve Harbaugh is a gifted speaker and teacher. His message, 'We Are Family,' was delivered at Manchester United Methodist Church's historic chapel.
You are not who you think you are. We are limited people, controlled by forces beyond our understanding, and seeing things from skewed perspectives. So, to be able to say…

Easter Peace

April 1, 2018
Easter is preceded by a jumble of emotions, but the appearance of Christ brings PEACE. Find out what peace really means in the Easter sermon by Sr. Pastor Greg Weeks.
It is focusing on the good, not the bad, that gets us through the bad. How did Jesus get through the bad? WHO was he looking toward?
“The story (of the Good Samaritan by Jesus) is not about to whom are we to be neighbors. It’s about who is a neighbor to us."  (William Willimon)
“…church is not where we get what we want out of God; church is God’s means for getting what God wants out of us.” (William Willimon)
Don’t we just love to hide all of our bad qualities, mistakes, and doubts! We hide them away, because maybe then they will go away. It never works.
The jolts in our lives often make us look at things from a broader perspective. We can understand them better by seeking God’s direction and celebrating what we discover.
“…fear out of proportion, fear that plays upon insecurities and builds artificial barriers between us, is fear that cheats us of all that God intends us to be.” (William H.…
"Our problem is too much we allow our lives to be dominated by the avoidance of evil rather than the pursuit of good" (William H. Willimon).
The Gospel makes us more than we could ever be alone. It has the power of healing our sickness and removing our demons. Discover how God in our lives both…
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