Program & Class Options

Circle of Friends Preschool serves children ages 1 to 5 through a variety of programming options. After reviewing our program and class options below, we invite you to schedule a tour to get a feel for our preschool and let us answer any questions you may have.

We are currently enrolling for in-person classes for the 2022-2023 school year.

Four and Five Year Old Classes FOUR & FIVE YEAR OLDS

Our Fours & Fives friends explore reading sight words, journaling daily, addition and subtraction concepts, and use the scientific method.  Our Four & Five Year Old classes emphasize providing the necessary academic, social, emotional, and physical foundation for our students to enter kindergarten confidently and successfully.

Three Year Old ClassesTHREE YEAR OLDS

Our Threes Classes explore literacy, math, and science concepts both independently and collaboratively in fun, meaningful ways. Our Threes friends can often be found helping around the school, caring for our gardens, or delivering special treats to the staff throughout the church.

Two Year Old ClassesTWO YEAR OLDS

Our Two Year Old classes offer students a chance to grow and learn not only socially but academically as well. Our Twos friends continue to practice our social skills, independence, self-help skills, and academic foundations.

One Year Olds


In our One Year Old Classes we emphasize social and emotional growth as much as physical milestones and academics.  Most importantly, our One Year Old Classes class is a chance for our friends to create a positive foundation for a life of learning!

Music and Movement Classes


Every class attends Music and Movement Class during the week.
Through our music program, students grow in community, musical knowledge, and personal confidence.
Music unites us and shapes us, especially at Circle of Friends.

Learning Studio


Friends who are 3, 4, or 5 years old are eligible for our extended day called Learning Studio. Through collaborative inquiry-based learning opportunities, our Learning Studio friends delve into topics such as mapping, interviewing, or how different cultures celebrate. Yoga, cooking, art, and music make a regular appearance in our days at Learning Studio.


For families needing care before school, Manchester UMC offers BeforeCare. Children have time to play and receive a small snack. BeforeCare activities offer your child a chance to socialize with friends, develop skills, and have fun in a safe and familiar setting.

BeforeCare is available for all ages of COF students from 7-9 am. Families may drop off their child anytime between 7-9 am for BeforeCare. Students will be transitioned to their preschool classrooms at the end of BeforeCare.

Children must be signed up at least a week in advance for BeforeCare.

Learn more about Circle of Friends Preschool

For more information or to schedule a complimentary tour, call 636.394.6867 or email [email protected] today.

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