Rev. Dr. Emanuel Cleaver III

Rev. Dr. Emanuel Cleaver III

Cleaver III Emanuel 43

Faith and Activism

Workshop Description: In this workshop “Faith and Activism,” Rev. Emanuel Cleaver III, will focus on the intersection between our faith and our response to injustice in our world.

Biography: Emanuel Cleaver III is the dynamic senior pastor of St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri.  His expertise is rooted in his experience and the knowledge he acquired while working toward a Master’s of Divinity, which he received in 1999 from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.  Following that, he completed his Doctor of Ministry at Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, MO.  He is the author of two books: “Pastor On Track: Reclaiming Our True Role”, and “What Is The Bible and Who Is It For: A Book for Beginners, Skeptics, and Seekers?”

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