Disciple & Beyond 2

Disciple & Beyond 2

Disciple 3a 43

Day:   Wednesdays, Aug. 31 – May 10, 2023
No class Nov. 23, Dec. 21 & 28, Feb. 22
Time:  6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Location:  Room 223 | Manchester United Methodist Church
Leader:  Jana Lippard

Description:  This 32-week study that offers a deeper examination of Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts, emphasizing the rhythm of coming to God and going for God. It explores all experiences of life as opportunities for faithful witness and service.  Book Fee:  $48.00. If necessary, there is a scholarship fund for the books, and the scholarship code is: SCHOLARSHIP 2 BOOKS

Childcare will be available with advance registration. 

For enrollment assistance, please contact Tiffany Conway.

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