Share Your Thoughts

Share Your Thoughts

In just a few years, Manchester UMC will celebrate its 200th birthday and begin Century 3 together as a congregation! In prepration for this milestone, four teams are working on a Century 3 Strategic Plan for our faith community.

One of our strategic goals is to “foster a culture where more people are invited, welcomed, and engaged with Manchester UMC.” To help us in this important endeavor, you have been randomly selected to provide your input through a brief anonymous online survey.

Please do not forward this survey to others as you have been randomly selected. Please only complete this survey once. This survey typically takes around 5 minutes to complete.

This survey was created by the Century 3 Engagement Builders Team comprised of the following members:

  • Tina Sayers (Laity Co-Chair)
  • Rev. Jim Peich (Clergy Co-Chair)
  • Doug Christopher (Lay Member)
  • Tiffany Conway (Staff Member)
  • Jeff Haupt (Leadership Board Member)
  • Chris Kennedy (Lay Member)
  • Isabelle Massey (Youth Member)
  • Denise McCartney (Lay Member)

Thank you in advance for providing your candid responses to all survey questions!

Learn more about the Century 3 strategic plan.


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