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In just a few years, Manchester UMC will celebrate its 200th birthday and begin Century 3 together as a congregation! In prepration for this milestone, four teams are working on a Century 3 Strategic Plan for our faith community.

One of our strategic goals is to “foster a culture where more people are invited, welcomed, and engaged with Manchester UMC.” To help us in this important endeavor, you have been randomly selected to provide your input through a brief anonymous online survey.

Please do not forward this survey to others as you have been randomly selected. Please only complete this survey once. This survey typically takes around 5 minutes to complete.

This survey was created by the Century 3 Engagement Builders Team comprised of the following members:

  • Tina Sayers (Laity Co-Chair)
  • Rev. Jim Peich (Clergy Co-Chair)
  • Doug Christopher (Lay Member)
  • Tiffany Conway (Staff Member)
  • Jeff Haupt (Leadership Board Member)
  • Chris Kennedy (Lay Member)
  • Isabelle Massey (Youth Member)
  • Denise McCartney (Lay Member)

Thank you in advance for providing your candid responses to all survey questions!

Learn more about the Century 3 strategic plan.


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Always Easter People

Your money won’t save you. The church needs to do our work, but more so the church needs your heart. God saves the sick, and the righteous – and that has nothing to do with income. It is bringing people into the community that counts to God – your wealth,

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Pastor's Note

Making a Difference for Christ

Beginning July 1, 2023, the staff of Manchester UMC will be organized a little bit differently than it is now.  Rev. Winter Hamilton will become the Executive Pastor of Programs, having served previously as Associate Pastor of Faith Formation. Pastor Winter brings her twenty years of wide-ranging ministry experience to

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Pastor's Note

The Church is Just a Building

I love church buildings. I love walking through church buildings and looking at all the things – the art on the walls, the windows, the seats in the sanctuary, the pulpit, the communion table, the baptismal font. All the things. The ancient cathedrals of Europe with all of their lavish,

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