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Classes Starting Fall 2023!

The General Board of Church and Society is dedicated to the work of living faith, seeking justice, and pursuing peace. Addressing more than 30 social issues on which The United Methodist Church has claimed a position, Church and Society communicates with policymakers and leaders around the world with the mission of transforming the world.

Starting in the Fall of 2023, Manchester UMC will offer a series of classes that will have curriculum centered around Church & Society’s Faith & Facts that address the following topics:


Peace with Justice


Peacebuilding and gun violence


Maurice Parisien

Economic Justice

Hunger and poverty/food justice, worker justice/living wage

John Heskett

Environmental Justice

Climate change and clean water

Trish Gunby

Civil and Human Rights

Immigration in the U.S., criminal justice/death penalty

Maurice Parisien

Women & Children

Education reform in the U.S., maternal health/domestic violence

John Heskett

Health & Wholeness

Healthcare in the U.S./mental health, drugs/opioids

Trish Gunby

Each topic will ask the questions: 

  • What does the Bible Say? 
  • What does the UMC Say? 
  • What do the facts say? 
  • What do you say?

Register Here For Faith & Facts Classes

Please register one person per form.  Childcare is available with advance registration.

Fall classes

October 2023

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The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church book is a product of over one hundred years of legislative decisions made by lay and clergy members of The United Methodist Church and its predecessor denominations. The Social Principles are prayerful and thoughtful efforts on the part of many General Conferences to speak to complex and controversial issues in the global community.

Pricing:  $7 each

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Let There Be a Big Bang

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