Easter People are Called to Flourish

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Passage: James 3
Series: Easter People, Let us Sing!

Being a “doer of the word” doesn’t mean just go do something – everyone is called to a different ministry (not all are teachers). We are called where we will do good, not where we will harm others. In other words, we are called to where we flourish. If you go to where you are not called, you won’t flourish, and you will likely harm others. We are called to the place where we are able to hold our tongue, hold our patience, encourage one another, and not tear each other down.


Pastor's Note

The Missouri Annual Conference

Every year, United Methodists from all across the Missouri Conference gather together for our annual meeting. This year, the meeting will be Friday June 9 through Sunday June 11 in St. Charles. Manchester UMC will be represented there by Revs. Andy Bryan, Phil Estes, Winter Hamilton, and Jim Peich. Our

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My Chains Fell Off

Conversion is a key idea in Wesleyan theology, and was a central part of the faith stories of both John and Charles. And conversion isn’t about going from “non-Christian” to “Christian.” Conversion can happen in the lives of believers, also. Conversion is a change that is worked in the lives

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Charles in Charge

Charles Wesley was the poet of the birth of Methodism. In his lifetime, he composed thousands of hymns! His beautiful words captured the theology, the spirit, and the energy of the Methodist movement with vivid elegance. Charles was one of the children of Susannah Wesley, who was a profound spiritual

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