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Samantha Fomera

Armed for Adulting 101

Workshop Description: Youth ministry is FUN and MORE FUN! Adulting is HARD and BORING! Wait, what?  Join us for some practical, and still fun, ideas on how to ensure our students have the foundation they need to thrive as adults. 

Adulting 101 morphs into what your students need and partners with parents and community members to allow you the assurance your students are equipped for adulthood, from car-care to health-care and skepticism to grace.  Learn how to create a low-cost, intergenerational experience that ensures our students have the faith foundation and the core life-skills for life as an adult, regardless of their family or faith context.

Biography: Samantha grew up in the UMC. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Methodist University and has earned several masters courses in Special Education, Biblical Studies, and Pastoral Care. She’s on track to graduate with a Masters in Human Development and Family Sciences with an emphasis in Youth Development from the University of Missouri in August 2022. Currently, she works in service coordination alongside people with developmental disabilities and their families, helping them to reach their utmost potential.

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“Confession is just spiritual language for truth-telling” (from the Arthur Riley devo). When we confess, sharing the truth about ourselves with God and with one another, it sets us free. We release those parts of us that are not authentic to who we are so that we are free to

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CONNECTIONS | Health & Recreation

Health & RECREATION Manchester UMC offers a variety of adult Health and Recreation Groups where you can help to enhance your physical health in a fun and supportive environment. Explore these options to find a group that fits your interests and schedule.  Let us know which group(s) you’d like to

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