Join A Small Group for Lent!

Join A Small Group for Lent!

Lent-2021 The Fast I Choose

The season of Lent is a special time of prayer and reflection for Christians. It’s also an ideal time for us to reorient our hearts and minds toward loving God and each other more deeply. Starting Sunday, February 21 through the week of March 21, Manchester UMC will offer a special 5-week Sermon Series and an accompanying All Church Study called The Fast I Choose: Living with Intentionality.

The church is an “intentional community.” And, in our baptism we promise to live intentionally in five specific ways: through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. This Lent we will spend one week focusing on each of these promises.

Our Lenten All-Church Study brings together elements of music, scripture, prayer, sermon reflection, and spiritual formation practices! By coming to worship and attending a Lent small group during this time period, you’ll encounter caring people as you learn more about God and yourself. Together, we’ll examine our response as followers of Jesus and intentionally live into these promises.

Choose A Small Group

Browse the list below which are the Lent 2021 small groups to find one that works well for your schedule. Once you’ve identified a small group, please complete the brief registration form at the bottom of this page. If you miss a worship service, please view the sermon online before your small group meets.

Day of the WeekTimeStart DateLeaderZoom IDZoom PasswordEnd Date
Sunday9:30-10:30 AMFeb. 21Mary Beth Harper Christian Fellowship225 180 622757205Mar. 21
Sunday9:30-10:30 AMFeb. 28Rebecca Peterson Harvest662 715 669063005Mar. 28
Sunday11 AM-NoonFeb. 21Rev. Phil Estes838 1060 1161557051Mar. 21
Sunday7:30-8:30 PMFeb. 21Marc & Tara Sintek629 572 727836312Mar. 21
Monday10-11 AMFeb. 22Rev. Nancye Dunlap297 417 694360676Mar. 22
Monday7:30-8:30 PMFeb. 22Rev. Paul Lathum874 5985 0038569217Mar. 22
Tuesday6-7 PMFeb. 23Kurtis Heinrich & Ethan Massey262-229-133203227Mar. 23
Tuesday7:30-8:30 PMFeb. 23Nancy & George Lynn841 3991 6292482312Mar. 23
Wednesday1:30-2:30 PMFeb. 24Rev. Winter Hamilton882 0283 2336879841Mar. 24
Wednesday7-8 PMFeb. 24Rev. Andy Bryan846 8157 5378649798Mar. 24
Thursday10-11 AMFeb. 25Rev. Stephanie Lendt920 8121 8040632784Mar. 25
Thursday8-9 PMFeb. 25Rev. Winter Hamilton and Vicki Samuels894 6338 5919298417Mar. 25

Sign-up For Your Lent Small Group

Lent small groups are available most days at multiple times each day. If you need to miss a session during Lent, feel free to pop into another of our many Lent small groups to be part of this important conversation.

Please register for one of the above small groups by completing the below form. Please complete one form per individual.

(If you’re already in a small group, we celebrate your involvement and ask that you please register using the below form.)

Lent Study Materials

There are seven handouts that have been created for this Lent 2021 All-Church Study. You can easily download and print them OR order a hardcopy of these materials for $5/set.

Click on the buttons below to download and print:

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Winter Hamilton or Tiffany Conway.

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