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It’s About LOVE!

One of the prevailing themes of Scripture is love. Reading the sacred text, one could indeed make the case that “All You Need Is Love.” (See what I did there?)

And as it turns out, one of the prevailing themes of Beatles music is … you guessed it … love! Of course, it is a prevailing theme in all music, Beatles and otherwise. We just happen to be focusing on the music of the Beatles here for a few weeks, and there is plenty of love in their music.

The Scripture focus for the week is 1 John 4:7-12. These few verses contain the word “love” or a variation of it fifteen times! Love is the foundational principle of our faith, and infuses everything else we do together. 1 John leaves very little room for guesswork: “Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

What a powerful thought! God’s identity is infinite and therefore beyond our complete understanding. And yet in three one-syllable words, everything that God is and was and ever will be is expressed. “God is love.” To share God with people is quite simply to love them. 

Simple, but not easy. Sometimes loving others can be a real challenge, honestly. It’s okay to admit that; all of us feel that way from time to time. At times like that, I remind myself to open up to God’s love and let it flow through me in my words and actions. God loves this person in front of me, whether I do or not. So thinking of myself as an open conduit for the love of God is often a helpful way for me to proceed in those situations.

So as we continue our “Whisper Words of Wisdom” series, we’ll be thinking about LOVE! This week, our two featured Beatles songs are “All You Need is Love” and “She Loves You.” Which means, of course, an opportunity to sing together again this week! So get those “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”s ready and let’s have a good time singing some great tunes as we worship God together this weekend.

I’ll see y’all in church!


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