Rev. Dr. F. Willis Johnson

Rev. Dr. F. Willis Johnson

Johnson F Willis 43

What is your Why?

Workshop Description: There are a lot of questions for us to consider when planning ministry: What are we going to do? Who is going to come? When will we get started? How will people know what we’re doing? Too often we jump to these externally-focused questions before figuring out our answer to WHY? “Why” is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us. In this workshop, Willis to help answer us find the headspace to discover our why and learn about ways to create ministries grounded in our why?

Biography: F. Willis Johnson currently leads Living Tree Church in Columbus, OH. Prior to starting Living Tree, he was senior minister of Wellspring Church in Ferguson, MO, where thousands have been influenced by his prophetic, faith-filled reflections and strategies on social justice and racial understanding. He counsels bishops, general board agencies, conferences, and local churches across the country. Johnson’s writing and lecturing credits range from TIME Magazine, National Public Radio, universities, and seminaries to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History Culture and his book, “Holding Up Your Corner: Guided Conversations on Race.”

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