Mari Ann Moyers

Mari Ann Moyers

Moyers Mari Ann 43

Bold Change: The Unexpected Ways God is bringing Unity to a Racially Divided City

Workshop Description: What if the ways you have sought to reach the marginalized are not working in your community?  Learn how God is upending the traditional model of missions in one city and how you can bring this model to your own church.

Biography: Mari Ann is a Southeast Missouri native residing in Sikeston, Missouri. She has served as a ministry leader through the local church for the past 35 years.  Currently, she is the Director and co-founder of the faith-based non-profit Spread Hope Now, which strives to unite churches and mobilize volunteers to meet the needs of those in crisis in the community. She also recently served on a team with the DOJ-backed program “Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships” that seeks to improve local police/citizen relations. Mari Ann and her husband Michael have three grown children.

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