Preacher: Rev. Jim Peich

Fear is the Path to the Dark Side

September 26, 2022
Yoda warns the Jedi that fear has no place in their hearts. In Scripture, love eliminates fear - Christ calls his followers to love their neighbor, which makes it impossible…

Closing the Loop

August 1, 2022
Forgiveness can “close the loop” on unresolved tension or conflict. Joseph’s brothers, even a long time after their reunion, were worried that Joseph would hold a grudge against them. So…

Breathing out Peace

April 25, 2022
Following his resurrection, the Bible teaches that Jesus appeared to his followers several times. Explore lessons from one of those encounters and discuss how it should guide the church today.

Season of Creation: The Sky

September 20, 2021
Just like being able to look at the sky and know something about the weather, the signs of God’s presence are all around us. Instead of demanding a sign from…

What We Will Be

April 19, 2021
We are becoming what we will be, which is being revealed as we become more and more like Christ. Salvation is a process, a constant movement from where (who) you…

Are We Helping or Hurting?

December 27, 2020
How do we disagree without being disagreeable? How do we disagree without it being about proving you wrong and me right? How do we disagree from a posture, from a…
Field of mustard against a backdrop of mountains.

I Just Forgot the Yeast

November 16, 2020
The parable of the yeast demonstrates that the kingdom is about the small things; even small acts of faith make a big difference. And it doesn’t have to be incredibly…
Photo of an alarm clock sitting on a beach with the sun rising.

Just Be

February 25, 2020
Do ever feel like there’s not enough time in your day to get everything done? Does the pace of your personal or public life leave you stressed? Discover a slower…