Preacher: Rev. Stephanie Lendt

The True Light That Shines

June 27, 2022
Watch Rev. Stephanie Lendt's last sermon at Manchester UMC and learn about the True Light That Shines.

Salt, Light, and Life

November 22, 2021
Jesus says we are salt of the earth, light of the world. Briny and bright, we are God’s faithful people. We shall be who we are meant to be in…

Always in the Presence of God

November 15, 2021
Watch Rev. Stephanie Lendt's sermon, Always in the Presence of God.

The Vulnerability of Healing

November 8, 2021
Jesus is toward the end of his journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. He has been sharing with his disciples the importance of genuine faith all along the way…and then, from…

Love or Money or…?

May 10, 2021
Here’s an idea, let’s consider love and money. And then…let’s wrap up with love! Be not afraid.

Take Time…Now

January 11, 2021
We only have so much time in this life, COVID or no COVID, and for many, time has clearly become the most precious asset of all.
Person raising their hands up toward a dawning sun.

Loving & Living

December 21, 2020
Advent is like one of our dearest friends, showing up, right on time, come hell or high water…or even a pandemic. No doubt, we are loved!
Woman prayerfully looking up out a window.

Listening & Loving

December 14, 2020
“We don’t pine for a second coming that will bring the world to an end. We pray for the indwelling of Christ that will enable the world to continue.” -Dr.…
Woman in earnest prayer.

Longing and Listening

December 7, 2020
We will praise the One who hears our words and our silence.
Photo of woman focused only on her computer, no one else.

From Lost And Longing

December 1, 2020
'From Lost and Longing' is part of a four-part Advent series titled 'From Lost to Living.'
Photo of a cross with a sunset in the background.

LOVE Is A 4-Letter Word

September 2, 2020
What can we do to make a difference in times like these? Maybe we should not waste time bothering whether we love our neighbor, and act as if we did.
Photo of wooden cross wrapped in purple.

New Again: What Is Happening

March 5, 2020
In the season of Lent, we want to take a genuine, honest, prayerful look at our lives, and the life of the church. It may be uncomfortable, but that's OK;…
Photo of the light dawning over the outline of Earth in space.

What Other Gods?

February 20, 2020
What does it mean for our hearts to turn away? What does it mean to be led astray, to bow down to other gods and serve them? Bowing down to…
Man seated outdoors facing a beautiful sunset.

Humanity, Humility, and Hope

February 10, 2020
The Season of Lent can be a refreshing time of discovery. It's a time to step out of the fog of routine, take a deep breath, and make a change…
Photo of child holding an adults hand.

God’s Expectations

February 3, 2020
How often do we ponder God's expectations of us? Does that feel risky? And let’s face it, you never know what God might ask of us. Maybe it’s better to…
Kids lining up to pick teams.

Picking Teams

January 27, 2020
To be part of something that matters, to be included, to be part of a team, a family, a neighborhood, to feel cared for, loved and supported…this isn’t just kid…
Helping hand reaching down to another hand.

Out of the Mud and Mire

January 21, 2020
If our lives have gotten away from us, if we’re not living in a healthy way, body, mind and spirit, a pit might be the safest spot. But, it is…
Artwork of Jesus' baptism with the Holy Spirit descending as a dove.

Close Encounters of the Holy Kind

January 15, 2020
Close encounters, of the holy kind, occur regularly. Described by some as 'thin places;' sometimes we notice; more often we don’t. Life is like that, holy moments, come and gone.…
Art depicting a shepherd with sheep at night.

Do Not Be Afraid

January 3, 2020
God entered this world as a baby, grew up in a family, and worked as a carpenter. God knows what it is to be human. God knows what you need.…
Child making a snow angel in the snow.

When Souls Magnify the Lord

December 17, 2019
When souls magnify the Lord, there is clarity, there is purpose, there is joy! How is it with your soul?
Hand dipping fingers in a pool of water.

Remember, And Be Thankful

December 9, 2019
The Season of Advent is a powerful and sensory time, full of memories and meaning. Where is your heart and mind leading you? Take time to remember, and be thankful.
A father holds his child close on a windy day.

Be Still, And Know That I Am God

November 25, 2019
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Always has been, always will be.
Photo of shocked person backing off with a 'Not Me' expression.

Not Me

November 17, 2019
Arrrgh! The Apostle Paul can get pretty angsty when he’s busy, busy, busy setting an example that folks aren’t following. Are you an idler? Not sure? (uh-oh).
Sea gull flying into the sunset.

Children of the Resurrection

November 10, 2019
When we leave this world, we are not leaving home. We are going home. Heaven could be something of a homecoming.
Stained glass depicting of all saints.

An Ordinary Saint

November 4, 2019
“All Saints” is about God still at work in the world, and in our lives. And how all people have the potential in this life to be continually transformed.