Preschool Safety

Preschool Safety

Safety first

Dear Preschool Families:
For more than 53 years, Circle of Friends Preschool has been helping children and their families enjoy a great start to life-long learning. The physical, emotional and social health of children, families and staff is a priority of Circle of Friends Preschool. With this in mind, we follow enhanced safety practices as recommended by the CDC as well as local health officials and church leadership. Due to the evolving nature of this pandemic, we ask for your flexibility, support and grace as our protocols and calendar are subject to change.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

What You Can Expect:
We are committed to being open and transparent about the safety protocols to help ensure we are all on the same page and so that you can feel comfortable with the steps we are taking to help create a safe learning environment for your child. If the situation changes, you will receive more information. In the meantime, below is a summary of some of the safety protocols at Circle of Friends Preschool:

  • Carpool style drop-off and pickup to limit how many people enter the church building.
  • Arrival temp checks for all preschool staff and children.
  • Daily health screenings for all preschool staff.
  • Frequent hand washing for all preschool staff and children.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces in the preschool.
  • Preschool rooms thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each school day.
  • Teachers and children will remain in preschool areas except for drop-off and pickup.
  • Seating in preschool rooms will be spaced out as much as possible.
  • Preschool classes will not intermingle to limit contact.
  • Preschool staff will wear masks when they arrive and depart, when helping with carpool drop-off and pickup and when outside of their classroom.
  • Teachers will wear masks in the classroom when required by local officials. Children ages 3 and older must also wear a mask while on Manchester UMC property.
  • If a person tests positive or displays one or more symptoms of COVID-19 (staff or child), the person will immediately be isolated and sent home (if at school) and can return only when they have doctor’s note confirming a negative test.
  • If a confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs, the affected room(s) will be disinfected and will re-open when allowed by local health authorities. Should this happen, parents will need to make arrangements for the care of their child until their classroom is allowed to re-open.
  • Parents will be notified of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their child’s classroom. If the classroom needs to close, parents will be notified when their child’s classroom is expected to re-open.
  • Parents will be notified as quickly as possible about changes to our safety protocols, schedules or policies based on future conditions, circumstances and health official recommendations and requirements.

How You Can Help
Your family plays a critical role in helping ensure the health and safety of all children and staff at Circle of Friends Preschool. In order for this to be a successful year for all, we need the support and cooperation of parents, guardians, grandparents, children, siblings, etc.

IMPORTANT: Here are some specific ways that you can support our preschool community this school year:

  • If the answer to any of the below questions is “yes”, keep your child home from preschool and contact the Director immediately to discuss next steps. Depending on the circumstances, your child and/or household may need to obtain a negative Covid test and/or quarantine at home for 10 days before your child is permitted to return to Circle of Friends Preschool.
  1. Has anyone in your household been diagnosed with Covid-19 within the past 10 days?
  2. Within the last 10 days, has your child been in a space with 20 or more people (including airplanes, trains and/or buses) AND, while there, were they within 6 feet of someone outside of your household (or Covid circle) for 15 minutes or longer?
  3. Has anyone in your household experienced the onset of any of these symptoms within the last 10 days? Fever of 100.4 or higher, persistent sore throat, persistent difficulty breathing, persistent pain or pressure in chest, persistent coughing or loss of taste or smell?
  4. Within the last 10 days, has your child been in close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone known to have COVID-19 or who has shown COVID-19 symptoms?
  5. Have you been told by a public official or anyone else within the last 10 days that your child may have been exposed to COVID-19 or that they should quarantine?
  • If you suspect that your child is ill, has COVID-19, has been exposed to COVID-19 or is displaying one or more symptoms of COVID-19, please keep them home until you have confirmed they are not positive. Failure to do this will risk exposing other children and staff to COVID-19 and also result in your child’s classroom being closed for all families. Please don’t take a chance, it’s not worth the risk to everyone involved.
  • Be prepared to immediately pickup your child if they become ill or display one or more symptoms of COVID-19 during the preschool day. If your work or other commitments might prevent you from being able to pick up your child personally, please make back-up plans now for someone else to assist you should that situation occur during the school year.
  • Please show grace, patience and understanding with preschool staff and other families as we all adjust to a new way of being together as a preschool. We recognize that change can be uncomfortable, but these changes are designed to ensure we can provide the very best experience for your child and others during this pandemic.
  • Please model an enthusiastic and positive attitude for your child when it comes to new preschool safety protocols. How we, as adults, react in the presence of children impacts their reactions, emotions and behaviors more than we often realize. The more positive you are, the more comforted and calm your child is likely to be while at the preschool.
  • Recognize that this pandemic creates a fluid/changing environment and we will respond and adapt as necessary to comply with the recommendations and requirements of the CDC, local authorities and church leaders. Should that happen, we commit to keeping you well informed.
  • Keep lines of communication open. If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact me by phone or email. Our entire team wants to do everything possible to make preschool as smooth as possible and your feedback helps us know how things are going.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

Melanie Knipping, Director
Circle of Friends Preschool

Updated: 3/24/2021