Project & Event Request

Project & Event Request

Manchester UMC’s Projects & Events Coordinator is available to provide assistance to ministry leaders with upcoming ministry projects or events.

As a team, the ministry leader(s) and the Projects & Events Coordinator will work together in planning and creating a successful project or event from an idea to implementation.

For best results, every internal and external event needs a person designated as the logistics LEAD. The LEAD peson engages the help of other stakeholders but is ultimately responsible to ensure all logistics are effectively completed.

Levels of Coordinator Assistance

There are three (3) levels of involvement for Projects & Events. When filling out the request form, please choose the one that fits the request:

Lead: This level of involvement will have the Projects & Events Coordinator act as the LEAD (main point of contact), coordinating everything with the project and/or event. Projects and events where the Coordinator serves as the LEAD person need to be pre-approved by Church leadership due to resource limitations.

Support: This level of involvement will have the Projects & Events Coordinator assist the ministry leader with logistics.

Consult: This level of involvement will have the Projects & Events Coordinator assist with information, best practices and advise.

LEAD Person Responsibilities

Event Planning

  1. Identifies and collaborates with internal/external stakeholders. Keeps stakeholders informed throughout process.
  2. Convenes kickoff meeting with stakeholders 6 to 8 weeks before events with expected attendance of 100+ people
  3. Manages event timelines, schedules, budgets, agreements, etc.
  4. Secures resources (facilities, equipment, AV, communications, hospitality, volunteers, traffic control, tickets, food, supplies, etc.)

Event Execution

  1. Manages event setup
  2. Coordinates event hospitality
  3. Manages event cleanup and reset
  4. Troubleshoots any event issues

Event Follow-up

  1. Collects feedback
  2. Convenes debrief meeting with stakeholders for events with attendance of 100+ people

Project vs. Event

A project can be developed to happen one time or multiple times. An event can be a one time occasion that takes place or an on-going occasion that happens multiple times over the course of a time period.

Lead Times

Due to the active nature of the congregation, it is important to allow plenty of lead time for best results. When planning for your ministry’s program, activity, or event, please factor the lead times into your schedule.

*Please note: Lead times may vary and are subject to change for each project or event, depending on the level of planning or involvement needed. Here are some examples:

  • One Time Project: 6-8 weeks notice
  • On-Going Project: 6-8 weeks for original notice with scheduled check-ins
  • One Time Event: 3-6 months notice
  • On-Going Event: 3-6 months for original notice with scheduled check-ins

All requests and level of involvement are subject to the approval of the Projects & Events Coordinator. If questions, please email the Projects & Events Coordinator.

Please use one form below per upcoming project, program, activity, or event: 

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