Backstage Pass Series

Backstage Pass Series

The Backstage Pass Series seeks to bring transparency to different aspects of how Manchester UMC functions. Below are links to current and previous Backstage Pass videos.

If you have a suggested topic for a future Backstage Pass, please contact Rev. Andy Bryan.

The State of the Denomination
July 12, 2022, 6:30p

Learn about the current state of various discussions in the United Methodist Church. Rev. Andy Bryan discussed the implications of the delayed General Conference, the creation of the Global Methodist Church, congregational disaffiliations, and the current status of the “Protocol of Grace and Reconciliation through Separation”.
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Feb. 9, 2022, 7p

Learn about “financial discipleship”, what it means for a follower of Jesus to tithe, church’s budget process, break down on how much of each dollar given goes to each particular ministry area, and how generosity applies to our life together as a church. View recording


Politics & the Church
Nov. 17, 2021

Learn how The United Methodist Church, Manchester UMC and individual clergy go about choosing which social and political topics to address. We also explore how to be united as a church even when we disagree about current topics.  View recording.

Century 3

Century 3
May 24, 2021

Learn about Manchester UMC’s Century 3 Visioning Process. View recording.

Phase 3 of Pandemic Plan
March 8, 2021

Learn about entering Phase 3 of Manchester UMC’s Pandemic Plan for Mission and Ministry. View recording

Feedback 43

Giving Feedback at Church
Nov. 18, 2020

Learn about the processes to offer input, lift up concerns, give words of encouragement, etc. We also review our governance structure and new policies. View recording.

Child Masked 43

Our Pandemic Plan
July 22, 2020

Go behind the scenes to learn all about Manchester’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including criteria for moving into new phases of the Pandemic Plan for Ministry and Mission. View recording.

General Conference
March 11, 2020

Go behind the scenes to learn all about the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. View recording.

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