Isaac Simmons (Ms. Penny Cost)

Isaac Simmons (Ms. Penny Cost)

Ms Penny Cost Isaac Simmons

Divine Creativity: Dwelling at the Convergence of Art & Social Change

Workshop Description: You have heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but truly I tell you, in times of unknown, your art is priceless. Join Ms. Penny Cost for an incredible workshop exploring the revolutionary power that dwells at the convergence of Artistry and Social Change. Artistic representation has been a key feature of reformation and revolution throughout the entire history of the Church. From satirical writing to poetic witness, from renaissance painting to Drag Makeup, whatever your mode of artistry is, it is good, it is holy, and it is reshaping the world! Let us explore how we can best harness each other’s abilities to continue the Christ inspired act of bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice.”

Biography: Ms. Penny Cost (She/Her/Hers) is not your average, everyday, bless-your-heart-ing church-lady! She (as her real-life counterpart Isaac Simmons they/them) is reportedly the first Drag Queen in the world to become a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry within the United Methodist Church. Due to her ability to reach, empower and celebrate LGBTQIA+ People; her eye-catching ministry has earned her the title of, “The Drag Evangelist”! Ms. Penny Cost has preached to congregations within 25 states and 3 countries. She has been featured by NPR, Sojourners Magazine, the Associated Press, and countless other local news organizations. Ms. Penny’s Drag is rooted in a unique reclamation of faith which aims to show all people as Whole-ly and Holy made.

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