Summer 2020 Online Catalog

Summer 2020 Online Catalog

Summer 2020 Catalog

Welcome to our Summer Adult Faith Formation catalog!

On this page, you will find links to Classes, Groups, and All-Church Studies that we are offering for June to August of 2020.  All of the offerings found here are meeting ONLINE!  Our Classes, Groups and All-Church Studies can still be found on our webpage in the places that they have always been.  But we also have this one, comprehensive pages available to everyone during this weird season of church.

We pray and hope that you will take a chance and find something in this catalog for you!  We have a variety of offerings, with different kinds of folks that meet up and connect with one another.  We pray and hope that you are getting connection in this time of physical distancing.  That you are checking on neighbors and helping them get plugged in too!  We pray that you are healthy.  No matter where we are, God is with us.  And, we can be with each other.

All of these groups listed are welcome to everyone, newcomers included! You do not need to register for any of these online groups. Just come on and show up!

How Do I Participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate in any of these online classes or groups.  The classes and groups are meeting through a free website/app called ZOOM.  You can use your phone, tablet or personal computer. If you are connecting from your computer, you will just go to the website. If you are using your smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the ZOOM app (it’s free).

How Do I Use ZOOM?

It’s easy!  Follow these step by step instructions.
1. Go to, a few minutes before your study begins.
2. Click the button in the upper right corner that says “JOIN A MEETING.”
3. Enter the Zoom Required Password that is listed Online Groups & Classes.
4. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID.

ZOOM Tips & Trick

Once you’ve connected, have others help you learn to use your mute function, find how to show and hide your video, and explore the different ways you can view group members.

The important things for you to do during this time of physical distancing are to stay well and connected!  Manchester UMC strives to provide these opportunities to help you worship, connect and serve.

If you have any questions about upcoming classes or groups, or if you are feeling called to lead a class or group, please contact Pastor Winter Hamilton or Tiffany Conway.

All-Church Study

Our All Church Study will be continuing on until we are all back together again! There will be new curriculum produced weekly, still based off of Pastor Andy’s sermons. These studies are open to everyone with no homework required. Multiple groups are meeting throughout the week. Click on the green All-Church Study button to find a time that works best for you!

Online Classes

Online Groups

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