Time To Write A Book

Time To Write A Book

Every four years our Book of Discipline allows a pastor to take a spiritual growth/professional development leave of four weeks. The time is worked out in consultation with the bishop, the district superintendent, and the Leadership Board. I took this leave last in the summer of 2014. At that time, I wrote the “Month of Parables” devotional.

I’m planning to take the month of July this year. For this leave, I’m going to write a book titled, Addressing Atheism: Toward a Faith That Makes Sense and Feels Right. The book will be an expansion of the sermon series I did in April on the timely theme of faith and atheism. I hope to get the bulk of it written in July and published later in the year.

I want to express my appreciation to our Leadership Board for their support and encouragement. I am also grateful to my wonderful colleagues for their help in covering some of my duties during this time. They’ll be guest writing my weekly pastoral emails, covering our Summer Midweeks, running meetings, and—oh yes!—preaching (see below). I’m also indebted to our great Stephen Ministers for their help in covering my hospital visits.

I’m looking forward to this time away, and would ask for your prayers that it will be productive in many ways.


Pastor Greg

* * *

“If I Were to Preach My Last Sermon…”
Special July Worship Series

In the academic world, it’s popular to have a “last lecture” series. You invite a professor to give a lecture as if it were their last one. It’s intended to force them to think, and talk about, the one most important thing they’ve learned.

For the weekends in July, starting on July 7-8, one of the pastors will preach this same theme. Each will take a weekend and preach all Saturday and Sunday services, proclaiming the one most important, vital thing they would say if it were, indeed, their final chance to preach.

It will be very interesting to hear what’s on their hearts. If you happen to miss a weekend, be sure to catch the video online.

* * *

Sermon This Sunday (July 1)
The Next Generation’s Pharisees

I was fascinated by what a colleague once said. “The Christians of one generation tend to become the Pharisees of the next.” I believe he meant that it’s tempting, over time, to exchange the freedom and excitement of faith for the security of laws and traditions. We’re going to explore ways to keep our faith passionate and vital. (I’ve also invited some special communion servers to help us with this!) The text is Luke 11:37-44.

* * *

Summer Midweek
Wednesday, June 27
7-7:45 p.m., Chapel

Our midweeks feature music, prayer, and scripture. Sharing their faith with us tomorrow will be Margie Banks from our congregation, and Kelsey Lester, one of our young adult Interns.

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