Topic: body of Christ

Unity is Worth It

June 20, 2022
One sometimes hears the phrase “unity for unity’s sake.” It is often used as a critique, to indicate that a group with irreconcilable differences need not stay together just for…

Clearly A Mess

March 28, 2022
Nothing that we can do ourselves can “fix” the world; “we do not have the power within ourselves to abolish sinful systems.” It seems easier to remain a slave to…
Feb 14 2021 sermon

Transfiguration of the Church

February 16, 2021
Mountaintop moments orient our relationship with God. Mystical encounters with the fullness of God's truth orient us toward the next step in our calling, a calling that is lived out…
Painting of what Huldah may have looked like.

Huldah Spoke

August 17, 2020
When Huldah declared her prophecy, she was speaking on behalf of God, expressing God’s anger at the unfaithfulness of the people. She called the people to remember because the nation…
Image of water splashing, representing baptism.

Reboot the System

January 15, 2020
Baptism initiates and incorporates us as the Body of Christ; when we renew our baptismal vows we are re-incorporated, the body is renewed.