Topic: forgiveness

The Humanizing Power of Forgiveness

July 12, 2022
The forgiveness Jesus offers de-escalates the need for revenge, for retribution, for punishment. Jesus reverses the power dynamic in this story by pointing out the mob’s own need for forgiveness,…

Being Forgiven

July 5, 2022
The paralyzed man in this story doesn’t ask for forgiveness but he gets it anyway. When Jesus forgives him, the Pharisees react with disapproval and in response Jesus heals the…
Photo of a green sprout gtrowing from a stump.

Alive to God

June 22, 2020
Being forgiven empowers us to die to our old selves, become alive to God, and live as our new, true, Christlike selves, which means we in turn forgive others.
Christ in Alabama Painting by William H. Johnson

Still Sinners

June 15, 2020
The love of God is proven by the fact that Christ “died for us while we were still sinners,” meaning that we do not earn God’s forgiveness, but rather that…