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Expansive Love is Costly

April 4, 2022
We might rather rush to Easter, getting through the self-reflection of Lent. Nobody wants to watch Jesus walk to Golgotha, carrying the cross; we do not want to deal with…
Rope split

Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin

August 15, 2021
There is wide recognition that this very common phrase is not biblical, but some will say that the concept is, citing Jude 1:22-23 for example. However, Jesus cautions against this…

Love Is Perfected In Us

May 3, 2021
Loving one another is the way to ensure that God is living in us, that we are becoming who we are supposed to be. Loving one another is how we…
Field of mustard against a backdrop of mountains.

I Just Forgot the Yeast

November 16, 2020
The parable of the yeast demonstrates that the kingdom is about the small things; even small acts of faith make a big difference. And it doesn’t have to be incredibly…
Photo of Manchester UMC's building in the fall.

Entirely Sanctified

October 26, 2020
The ONLY limitation to this congregation’s potential is the extent to which we can envision the future God has in store for us.
Paper cut-outs with Truth and question marks written on them.

Give Me Your Hand

May 18, 2020
Methodism is both intellectual and emotional, a balance of head and heart. A rigorous exchange of opinions is good, as long as we manage to do so with grace and…
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All Music is Written in the Same Key

June 13, 2018
All music is in the key of hope. Find out all the meanings of hope in your life, and be sure to feed the right wolf.