Topic: purpose


January 24, 2022
As Jesus begins his work, he claims an anointing by the Spirit, connected to the prophecy of Isaiah. To be anointed is to be sent by God, to be consecrated…
Woman in earnest prayer.

Longing and Listening

December 7, 2020
We will praise the One who hears our words and our silence.
Photo of an alarm clock sitting on a beach with the sun rising.

Just Be

February 25, 2020
Do ever feel like there’s not enough time in your day to get everything done? Does the pace of your personal or public life leave you stressed? Discover a slower…
Child making a snow angel in the snow.

When Souls Magnify the Lord

December 17, 2019
When souls magnify the Lord, there is clarity, there is purpose, there is joy! How is it with your soul?