Make Us One

Make Us One

This weekend we are launching a new worship series called “Make Us One.” The theological focus for this series is unity. And specifically, Christian unity. What exactly does it mean to be “one body,” considering how diverse we are? Over the next four weeks, we will spend some time with that question.

One thing that unity requires is a great deal of patience.

This “fruit of the Spirit” doesn’t just come naturally to us. Like any fruit it must be tended to, nurtured, and grown over time. You might say that developing patience requires a great deal of patience!

Unity means learning how to be patient with one another, patient with the Spirit, and patient with ourselves. Living in community with people who are different from you often means you cannot rush things. There is a rhythm of give and take that can feel frustrating at times, but is essential to unity.

There will be times when the energy is flowing your direction, and those times feel good to you and are to be celebrated. And there will be times with the energy is flowing away from you, toward others. These times may not feel fulfilling to you personally, but someone else is feeling good in that particular moment.

For example, there may be a particular ministry of Manchester UMC that really means a lot to you, and when the focus is on that particular ministry you feel really good. But there are a lot of ministries at Manchester UMC, and sometimes the focus is on one that you don’t really care for, but other people are called to. Instead of getting bummed out that the focus is not on your particular calling, learn to celebrate that someone else in your community is getting some love. 

We need to be patient with one another if we are to truly be unified as a community of faith. Each of us is but one small part of a large and beautiful body. With a bit of patience, we can deepen our relationships and thereby strengthen our unity, as the energy of the Spirit draws the world together as one.

See y’all in church!