All-Church Study

All-Church Study

Manchester UMC Chapel

Welcome to our October Sermon Series and All-Church Study, Turning the World Upside Down!

Turning the World Upside Down is a 4-week series and study that are meant to guide and assist our congregation through a visioning process. Each week participants will watch that week’s sermon and then participate in a small group over ZOOM or in homes following distancing requirements.

This study has been produced in-house and includes Bible study, reflections on the sermon, and specific questions about who we are at Manchester UMC. The answers to these questions will be submitted and given back to church leadership. Over the next year (2021) that data will be used to create the 2022-2026 strategic plan for our church.

We realize that most of us have busy schedules, so know that it’s okay if you need to miss some of the 4 sessions (no judgement) – just sign-up, download the Discussion Guide and attend as you are able. Now is the time to voice your ideas and opinions to influence the future of our church!

Sermon Topics

All four sessions of your group discussion will go hand-in-hand with that week’s corresponding sermon:

• Turning the World Upside Down
• Why We Do What We Do
• Let the Light Shine
• Entirely Sanctified

Download the Discussion Guide

No need to order or purchase a book! Just click on the “Download the Discussion Guide” button below.

If you are unable to download this Discussion Guide, please email Tiffany Conway to request a hard copy to either be picked up at Manchester UMC or be mailed to you.

Choose A Small Group

Browse the below list of Turning the World Upside Down small groups to find one that fits your schedule. (If you’re already in a small group, we celebrate your involvement! If you’d like to lead or facilitate your own small group, please email Tiffany Conway and we’ll be glad to help you get started.

Day of the WeekTimeStart DateLeaderZoom IDZoom PasswordEnd Date
Sunday8-9:15 AMOct. 11Rev. Phil Estes856 6286 4291778785Nov. 1
Sunday9:30-10:30 AMOct. 4Mark Irving Alpha Group936 9722 2824795891Oct. 25
Sunday9:30-10:30 AMOct. 4Mary Beth Harper Christian Fellowship225 180 622757205Oct. 25
Sunday9:30-10:30 AMOct. 4Rebecca Peterson Harvest662-715-669063005Oct. 25
Sunday7:30-8:45 PMOct. 4Marc & Tara Sintek629-572-727836312Oct. 25
Monday10-11:15 AMOct. 5Rev. Nancye Dunlap297 417 694360676Oct. 26
Monday1:30-2:45 PMOct. 5Tom Lawrence843 6786 3357246491Oct. 26
Monday6:30-7:45 PMOct. 5Susanne Mertens284 972 400332838Oct. 26
Monday8-9:15 PMOct. 5Chessey Brenton898 2771 3321140547Oct. 26
Tuesday9:30-10:45 AMOct. 6Terry Zenser977 4442 0173693193Oct. 27
Tuesday3:30-4:45 PMOct. 6Rev. Andy Bryan856 6767 8390178110Oct. 27
Tuesday6-7:15 PMOct. 6Kurtis Heinrich & Ethan Massey262-229-133203227Oct. 27
Wednesday1:30-2:45 PMOct. 7Rev. Winter Hamilton882 0283 2336879841Oct. 28
Wednesday7-8:15 PMOct. 7Rev. Andy Bryan995 0749 3876VisioningOct. 28
Thursday9-10:15 AMOct. 8Diane Lawrence868 1268 2966399587Oct. 29
Thursday6:30-7:45 PMOct. 8Autumn Dennis279 992 912951147Oct. 29
Thursday7-8:15 PMOct. 8Rev. Andy Bryan988 1692 4581980185Oct. 29
Thursday8-9:15 PMOct. 8Rev. Winter Hamilton894 6338 5919298417Oct. 29
Friday10-11:15 AMOct. 9Barb Zenser995 3863 6903137985Oct. 30
Saturday10-11:15 AMOct. 10Rev. Stephanie Lendt948 9727 0992726198Oct. 31

Sign-up for an All-Church Study Group

Please register for one of the above small groups by completing the below form. Consider inviting a friend to join you! If you have questions, please contact Rev. Winter Hamilton or Tiffany Conway.

Please complete one form per individual.

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