What’s our Vision?

What’s our Vision?

If someone stopped you in the store and randomly asked you, “Hey what’s your church’s vision?”…would you know?

Okay yes, so that scenario is highly unlikely. But still … work with me here.

Manchester’s vision, made known to all the world on our website, is this:

We are called to be an inclusive community of people who love Christ deeply, worship him passionately, and serve him boldly.

So now you know. For that random person in the store who asks, you will have a response (just in case that ever happens).

The Importance of a Vision

The vision is the motivator. All the work that we do as a congregation should be energized by those ideas. The church doesn’t do stuff just to do stuff. Vision gives purpose, and infuses our actions with meaning. Vision is a picture of what will be, a blueprint, the “how” that corresponds to the “what” of our mission.

In this season of new beginnings, it is as important as ever to affirm the vision, and let that motivate what we do and who we are, both individually and as the church.

Sneakers with Soul 2019 Underway

Sneakers with Soul kicked off this past weekend. This ministry’s ongoing mission is to ensure that no child goes back to school without a new pair of shoes. Since 2010, our church has donated 15,000+ pairs of new sneakers to underprivileged kids in the St. Louis area. Wow!

Donations for this year’s campaign will be accepted thru Aug. 4. Simply drop them off at the kiosk at any weekend service. If you’d like to volunteer for this ministry, get more details, or donate financially just visit our website.