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Waiving Through a Windwo

Someone needed to tell Ben Platt to de-emphasize his “R” consonant. It’s just … too much!

There, I said it. I got it off my chest. Whew, that feels good. 

Ben Platt is the actor who played Evan Hansen in the 2016 Broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen.” And to be sure, he has an AMAZING voice! I just don’t care for how much emphasis he places on his “R” consonant, is all I’m saying. We won’t talk about that in worship this weekend, but we will focus on the story of “Dear Evan Hansen.”

“Dear Evan Hansen” won a BUNCH of awards, including six out of the nine Tony Awards for which it was nominated. Among the six awards, it won “Best Musical,” “Best Original Score,” and Ben Platt won “Best Leading Actor.” The Broadway cast album won a Grammy award for “Best Musical Theatre Album,” and Ben Platt won an Emmy for “Best Musical Performance in a Daytime Program” when he sang “You Will Be Found” on the Today Show in 2018.

We will also draw from the story of the resurrection of Jesus as it is told in John 20. Specifically we’ll focus on Mary Magdalene’s role in the story. Mary was an “outsider” in the story of Jesus, and over time the Christian tradition has pushed her even further to the margins. And yet, in spite of this “outsider” status, Jesus connects with her, knows her, and loves her.

And that’s where the story of “Dear Evan Hansen” intersects. Evan is also an “outsider” in his context, always “Waving Through a Window” at the world and “watch, watch, watching people pass” right in front of him. He does not feel a sense of connection; he does not feel seen.

It’s something so many people feel, that sense of disconnect. It is all too common to feel like you’re “on the outside, always looking in.” That’s what makes the grace of God so amazing! It connects us in powerful and mysterious ways, making connections that transcend every single division among us.

Even our opinions about how Ben Platt sings his “R” consonant. See y’all in chuRRch!


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