Young Adult Justice & Missions

Young Adult Justice & Missions

We’re committed to using our voice and influence to meet the needs of the marginalized in our community while also bringing awareness and change to the circumstances that create injustice. Together, we can foster real and lasting change in our community. Below are some of the mission and justice activities that we’d love to have your help.

Missional Opportunities

Fall Family Festival

Each autumn, the Children and Family Ministries at Manchester UMC hosts a Fall Festival for our local community. To help serve the young families in and around our church, we gather as young adults to help plan, coordinate and volunteer at this yearly gathering. Because, you know, you gotta look out for the next generation, right?

Food 4 Kids

For some school-age children who receive reduced/free lunches at school, the weekends can be a time of hungry bellies and food insecurity.  To help students get through the weekends with the food they need, Manchester UMC has partnered with the Parkway and St. Louis School Districts to provide students with backpacks filled with non-perishable food items every Friday. Volunteers fill backpacks each Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. in room 138 at Manchester UMC. Volunteers of all ages and abilities as well as parents with young children are welcome. The Young Adult Ministry likes this opportunity because young families can be involved together, and backpack stuffing happens during the time when our children’s choirs meet. Get them babies started early!

Circle of Friends Preschool

The Circle of Friends Preschool at Manchester UMC offers a yearly missional project for children and young families to participate in. Check their website for more information.

Justice Opportunities

One For The Crow Plant Space

We go at least once monthly to work at One For The Crow Plant Space, a garden in South St. Louis City located on the corner of Pennsylvania & Winnebago. The garden provides weekly fresh produce for the emergency food pantry at LifeWise (formerly called Kingdom House) in St. Louis City. Produce is also sold on the second and forth Sundays at Manchester UMC. The garden sits on three lots, two for the garden and the chickens, and one lot that contains a small fruit tree orchard, where we are expecting some new friends this year…bees! Be part of the revolution. Learn to grow your own food.

For more information or if you’d like to help plan a mission or justice activity, please contact Pastor Winter Hamilton.