Help Equip the New Youth Center

Help Equip the New Youth Center

AV Equipment

Thanks to the generosity of several families, Manchester UMC was recently able to renovate much of its Youth Center and purchase new furniture to make it more modern, functional and attractive to young people in our community.

In order to be fully functional, we need to equip the Youth Center with audio, visual, media and band equipment so that youth can fully worship, learn, play and grow in this newly renovated space.

Your Support is Needed!

Please look over the below list and then click on the “Donate Now” button below to make an online gift using your debit card, credit card or checking account.

Donations made after January 24, 2019 may be applied to other Youth Center capital expenses (e.g. furniture, A/V, Band equipment, etc.) if ministry needs or costs change.

You may also give in memory/honor of someone if you desire. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Beth Boemler or  Pastor Jim Peich.

AV Donation Opportunities (New Youth Center)

We are raising funds to purchase the audio, visual, media and band equipment/technology needed for youth worship, band rehearsals, small groups, classes and other youth programming. Below are the items still needed as of April 4, 2019.

AV NeededDonation Amount# Donated vs # Needed

Mic Stands

$60 0 of 12
Band Earbuds$1001 of 6
Performer Digital Mixer$3000 of 6
Racks, Cables, Misc.$2500 of 4
Stage/Worship Lighting (System 1)$4001 of 4
Handheld Mics$4000 of 6

Lighting Control Panel

$4001 of 1 (Done!)
Main Speakers$5000 of 2
Headset Mics$5500 of 2
Stage Monitor Speakers$6500 of 4
Stage/Worship Lighting (System 2)$7000 of 3
Sound Amplifier$8000 of 1
Digital Snake$9000 of 1
Sound Mixer$1,0000 of 1
Projector/TV Switch (Top Priority)$1,1000 of 1
Subwoofer$1,5000 of 1
Drumset$2,6000 of 1

donate now

Thank you so much for your support! 

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