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You Will be Found

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Passage: John 20:11-18
Series: Changed for Good: Transformations on Broadway

Evan starts out “Waving Through a Window” and ends up celebrating that “You Will be Found.” The transformation is from being an outsider to becoming a part of the community. Mary Magdalene was (and is) the quintessential outsider – even the tradition tries to keep her there. But Jesus sees her, knows her, and loves her.


Pastor's Note

And Also With You

& also with you by Laura Checkett, March 25, 2023 a return to love to guide us forward in this time; in this moment for this time; for this moment to love to see to know to be in community with each other with those who we don’t understand &

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Jesus was angry at the Pharisees for their hardness of heart, and it motivated him to heal the man’s hand. Embracing anger can be hard to do, especially since we are so often coached to avoid it. However, often those who are telling us to avoid anger are only doing

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“Confession is just spiritual language for truth-telling” (from the Arthur Riley devo). When we confess, sharing the truth about ourselves with God and with one another, it sets us free. We release those parts of us that are not authentic to who we are so that we are free to

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