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About | Care Ministry

Prayer & Comfort

Our mission is to care.

Manchester UMC has a number of ministries that offer care and support. From dealing with grief, divorce, or the loss of a job, to providing a prayer shawl, we’re here to help.

Rev. Dr. Mary Beth Hartenstein
Director of Congregational Care


In 1 Timothy 2:1, the Apostle Paul urges that ‘…requests, prayers, intercession, and thanksgiving be made for everyone…’ If you’d like prayer, please let us know!


Congregational care happens best in community, the people of the church caring for one another. The ministry of Congregational Care is a group project, and it depends on people helping one another. It is a ministry of presence, of showing up with and for people, to simply be with them in their time of need.

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Stephen Ministry

Sometimes difficult life situations come our way such as loss of a job, a serious illness, divorce, loss of a loved one, etc. The care of a professionally trained Stephen Minister may be just the support you need.

Greeting Card Final FB

Greeting Card Ministry

Sometimes all it takes is an encouraging word. This ministry sends messages of love and support to those on our prayer request list. Volunteer to be part of this team.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

We knit beautiful shawls, bless them, and pass them on to those who need our prayers. You do not need to be a member of the church to request, or receive, a prayer shawl.

Visitation Care Team 4x3

Visitation Care Team

Visitation Care Team make regular visits to our homebound members. And because our visitors are assigned to specific people, relationships develop. Let us know if you become homebound.

Support Groups

NEW! Grief Support Group

Date:  Weds, Jan. 31 – May 29, 2024
Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Location:  Fireside Room | Manchester UMC
Leaders:  Rev. Dr. Mary Beth Hartenstein and Denise Stuckmeyer-Keller

Description:  Grief Care is a new support group that will focus on those individuals who are dealing with all types of grief and loss.

This group offers a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult emotions of grief.   The group will grow together and the goal is to gain solid support each step of the way!

Trauma Support Group

1st Wednesdays through May 1, 2024
Time:  6:45-7:45p
Room 221 | Manchester UMC

Leader:  Sarah Watson, RN

Description:   This group helps support survivors of all types of trauma.  This safe space allows individuals to come and receive support.  A place where your voice is heard, your feelings validated, and where encouragement is always in abundant supply from others who know what it means to struggle in daily life as a survivor.

Finding Sanctuary

Leaders:  Rev. Dr. Mary Beth Hartenstein and Jill Krogen

Description: Support for individuals who care for their loved ones with dementia. This group is designed to encourage caregivers to encounter the unique challenge of caring for a partner with dementia.

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