About Youth

About Youth

Youth Mission Statement

Manchester Youth is a loving, fun, and inclusive community that equips students to make faith and life decisions by helping them grow in their understanding and relationship with God and others.

Sunday Mornings
Sunday Squad

Summer Sunday Squad
Youth (incoming 6th grade-17 years old) are invited to join in the Youth Center at 9 and 11a on Sunday mornings. Youth will eat breakfast snacks, have free play, and will watch the sermon via Facebook live.

Worship Kits
Youth Worship Kits are available at both services in the lobby on Sunday mornings. Kits include materials to help youth better understand the service components, the sermon, stay focused, and stay engaged. They also include a family discussion guide that parents can use to continue the conversation at home.

Other Opportunities

Weekly Small Groups
Small groups are an opportunity for youth to deepen their faith and deepen their relationships with others. Small groups are divided by middle school and high school and they focus on caring for each other while learning faith essentials through the Manchester Youth 3 Year Curriculum. Groups will decide together their meeting day, time, and location. Learn More

Youth Band in Chapel

Manchester Youth Music
Manchester Youth Music program is open to all youth, 6th through 12th grade, who are interested in music. From beginner to concert performer, youth are welcome to participate. Learn More

Youth Leadership Opportunities
The Manchester Youth programs provides a variety of leadership small groups. These teams are offered to ALL youth, grades 6-12.
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Youth Special Events
Check out more youth events, trips and activities. Learn More

Middle School Meet Up
Middle School Meet-Up is a smaller, informal gathering of middle schoolers. Youth play games together, grow in faith through small group discussion, and do art and mission projects. Learn More

8th Graders Assemble

8th Graders Assemble is a brand-new program JUST FOR 8TH GRADERS to meet their unique developmental needs. Participants will deepen their relationships with each other and get the support they need to make the big transition into high school.


LGBTQ+ Small Group
Youth who identify as LGBTQ+ are invited to join a group led by two Christian adults also identifying as LGBTQ+. This group will provide an affirming and loving space for youth while helping them understand what it means to be queer and Christian. They will determine as a group when, where, and how often they meet. Learn More

Youth Parent Fellowship

Youth Parents Only! Group
Manchester Youth is excited to offer opportunities just for parents of youth to connect with each other and have fun as adults.
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Manchester Youth’s Confirmation program provides an opportunity for young people to explore the Christian faith alongside other youth in a fun, relevant and engaging way. Our focus is on helping each young person learn about God’s unconditional love and amazing grace through experience and conversation.. Learn More

Important Documents and Forms

Register below for Manchester Youth. This includes all important emergency contact and health information we use to keep your child safe.

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