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Manchester Youth Mission Statement

Manchester Youth is a loving, fun, and inclusive community that equips students to make faith and life decisions by helping them grow in their understanding and relationship with God and others.

Sunday Squad

Youth (6th - 12th grade) are invited to join in the Youth Center at 9 and 11a on Sunday mornings. Youth will eat breakfast snacks, play games, and listen to/discuss a modified version of the pastor's sermon.

Worship Kits

Youth Worship Kits are available at both services in the lobby on Sunday mornings. Kits include materials to help youth better understand the service components, the sermon, stay focused, and stay engaged. They also include a family discussion guide that parents can use to continue the conversation at home.

other opportunities

From small groups to confirmation, there is something for everyone here with Manchester Youth.


Small Groups

Small groups are an opportunity for high school youth to deepen their faith and their relationships with others. Small groups focus on caring for each other while learning faith essentials.

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Middle School Meet-Up

Middle School Meet-Up is a gathering of middle schoolers on Wednesday nights. Youth play active games together while learning about faith topics relevant to their lives.



Confirmation provides an opportunity for youth (7th and 8th grade) to explore the Christian faith alongside other youth in a fun, relevant and engaging way. Our focus is on helping each young person learn about God’s unconditional love.

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Youth Events

Youth events are held monthly and include fun, fellowship, and food. Click here to see a schedule for the year.

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Leadership Teams

Leadership Teams are a great opportunity for youth to contribute to making the youth program better. Both teams meet on alternating Wednesday evenings.


Queer Group

Youth who identify as LGBTQ+ are invited to this group led by two Christian adults who identify as LGBTQ+. An affirming and loving space for youth is created while helping them to understand what it means to be queer and Christian.


Sunday Worship Team

NEW THIS YEAR. On the first Sunday of every month, Sunday Squad is canceled and youth are encouraged to serve in various ministries of the church. Click here to explore the many amazing service opportunities available.

youth parents

Youth Parents

Manchester Youth values and supports our amazing parents! Parents can join our monthly book club and attend special events just for them. Parents are also provided weekly overviews of what youth learned in Sunday Squad along with family discussion questions.

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Open to everyone who has an interest in singing! No audition or previous choral experience is necessary. This choir sings in Sunday morning worship services on a regular basis, in addition to other performances within the community.

Important Forms and Documents

In order to participate in Manchester Youth, we encourage you to fill out the forms and register below. Important emergency contact and health information forms are also needed to keep your child safe.



Let There Be a Big Bang

Science teaches that the universe began 15 million years ago with a “Big Bang.” Genesis teaches that God created the “heavens and the earth” by speaking it all into existence. Human beings are composed of the same elements as the stars, which connects us to God’s creation in a very

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Pastor's Note

The God Particle

September 19, 2023 “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” – Albert Einstein Our worship series, “She Blinded Me With Science,” is

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Pastor's Note

Let There Be A Big Bang

September 12, 2023 Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”  Scientific ideas and theological concepts are often woven together in beautiful ways. Not only are science and theology compatible, often they are complimentary. Some of the most cutting edge science has profound theological implications. And

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