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ABOUT | Adult Faith Formation

Together, we study and learn about our faith...


Manchester UMC’s Adult Faith Formation Program provides opportunities to know God more deeply through intentional faith development and connection to community.

Whether you are seeking to study and learn about your faith, or are searching for authentic community in which to know and be known, we have options for you.

In our Online Catalog, you will find all of the current classes that we offer. These classes meet throughout the week, online and in-person. Some of these classes are short term and some are long term. We have multiple offerings including:

Our weekly Sermon Reflection Study is produced in-house based on the sermon for the week. The Sermon Reflection Study allows for groups to grow deeper in faith and community. There are many different groups that meet throughout the week, and are open to everyone with no homework required.

Are you currently, or are interested in being an Adult Faith Formation leader? Check out our Leader Resource page for helpful links and more information.

There is always an opportunity for you to connect with others, and to grow deeper in your faith and commitment to God here at Manchester UMC.  Community matters.  Our faith is not meant to be practiced alone. Let’s do this church thing together!

Faith Formation

Online Catalog

Lists all upcoming short-term and long-term classes

Short-Term Classes

Classes that are 1 to 6 weeks

Doing Theology Together 143

Long-Term Classes

Groups that are on-going


Leader Resources

Leader support & resources


Pastor's Note

Venom: Jesus & Nicodemus

   It seemed like every televised football game in the 1970s had a huge banner displayed in the stands near the end-zone with “John 3:16” emblazoned on it. Many times, the banner was the work of one man, Rollen Stewart, who traveled from town to town, seemingly just to unfurl

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