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Cemetery, Columbarium & Funerals

The Manchester United Methodist Church Cemetery, the Manchester UMC Columbarium, and the John Wesley Ward Memorial Wall were established for the purpose of providing an appropriate and dignified final resting place for members or those having a relationship with Manchester UMC or any other United Methodist Church. 

The property for the cemetery was deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Church of Manchester, Missouri in 1880. However, the first recorded burial was that of Joseph Harrison, August 9, 1852. 

Funeral or Celebration of Life

Manchester UMC offers a funeral, memorials or celebration of life services that can accommodate a small intimate setting to very large.  There are a team of pastors who are available to meet the family and plan the service. To learn more, please contact the Pastor of Justice and Compassion Ministries, Rev. Dr. Mary Beth Hartenstein at 636-394-7506.


There are presently more than 500 burials in our Cemetery. The cemetery is located immediately north of the historic chapel.

There are more than 400 single and double-depth (two burials in one grave) plots available for purchase.  Plots can be used for interment of either caskets or cremains.

The purchase price includes the right to bury in the location and perpetual care of the grave.  The opening charge for the grave, at the time of need, will be collected by the funeral home. Headstones are purchased by the family and must meet requirements specified by the Cemetery Committee. Memorial services are to be scheduled and planned by the family with the Manchester UMC clergy. Fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred between the cemetery plots and niches/wall.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a tour of the cemetery.  To search for plots available for purchase (identified by green dots)click here.

John Wesley Ward Memorial Garden and Wall

Photo of John Wesley Ward Meditation and Memorial Wall.

The Memorial Wall was established in 2002 and is named after John Wesley Ward, Pastor Emeritus of Manchester United Methodist Church. The Memorial Wall is located in the Meditation Garden at the Northwest corner of the Sanctuary just outside of the Marble Entrance. It is offered to those whose remains are not available for ground burial or in-nichement of cremated remains, and are not interred in any other location.

There is a fee for space on the wall, as well as engraving. There are no other charges or fees. Insignias, emblems or verses are not permitted. A space may be pre-purchased. The engraving will not take place until the death occurs. Care of the Memorial Wall and Garden is the responsibility of the Memorial Garden Committee. Fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred between the cemetery plots and niches/wall.


The Columbarium was added to our offerings in 2007. It provides a final resting place for those who have selected cremation as their final disposition. The Columbarium is located at the Northwest corner of the church building and is part of the Memorial Garden. There are single and companion niches available for purchase.

Call for pricing, there is a fee for the niche and an engraving fee.  Prices are subject to change. Niches must be picked out in person.

The size of the niches are as follows:

  • single niche-7 ¾’w x 7”h x 11 ½” d
  • double niche-10 3/4”w x 7”h x 11 ½” d

Any type or material of cremation urn may be used provided it fits into the niche.  A double niche holds 2 containers.  The container is purchased by the family or agent. Urns must be purchased from another entity.  There are no other fees or charges.  Insignias, emblems, titles or verses are not permitted. Fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred between the cemetery plots and niches/wall. Care of the Memorial Garden is the responsibility of the Memorial Garden Committee.  No additional plantings are needed.

For pricing, availability or to learn more

Photo of Manchester UMC's building in the fall.

To learn more about pricing, availability about funerals, cemetery plots or niches at Manchester UMC, please contact these individuals for this information:

  • Funeral or Celebration of Life Service:  
    Rev. Dr. Mary Beth Hartenstein
     at 636-394-7506
  • Cemetery Plot:  
    Keith Brown at 636-394-7506
  • Niche on Memorial Wall or Columbarium: 
    Corrine Thompson at 636-394-7506

Burial Search Tool & Map

Aerial photo of Manchester UMC cemetery

Click here to search for names and locations of burials at Manchester United Methodist Cemetery and Columbarium, and names engraved on the Memorial Wall. Every effort has been made to provide the most current and accurate information possible on the church’s burial search site.  If you know more about a person or their ancestors, please use the genealogical submission form to share this information with us.

Cemetery Endowment Fund

The Cemetery, John Wesley Ward Meditation & Memorial Wall, and the Manchester UMC Columbarium operate independently of the church. The cost of maintaining the grounds comes from proceeds of the sale of burial plots, Columbarium niches, and Memory Wall inscriptions. The obligation to maintain the grounds, Columbarium, and wall extends into perpetuity. The sale of plots, niches, and inscriptions will someday not provide income needed for maintenance.

A Manchester UMC Cemetery Endowment Fund was established in 1993. The fund is a custodial account with the Missouri United Methodist Foundation. The Manchester UMC Endowment Committee has oversight of the financial aspects of the fund while the Cemetery Committee is responsible for decisions regarding the use of the fund. Currently, the Endowment Fund has assets of approximately $100,000. Based on current maintenance costs, the Endowment and the Cemetery Committee believe it will take a fund of at least $200,000 to provide enough returns to cover maintenance costs when proceeds from new sales no longer cover costs.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund are greatly appreciated.  For more information, please email the Director of Finance, Mary Pettit

If interested in further information, including costs or purchasing any of the offerings for a final resting place of a loved one, please contact the church office at 636-394-7506

Cemetery Tour

View a brief tour of the Manchester UMC cemetery below.


Pastor's Note

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