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Walk Justly Conference

october 20-21, 2023

The (re)inhabit conference is for those leaning into our calling to tend the wellbeing of the earth, our communities, and our own very flesh…and for those wondering how the church can best take on this task.

The (re)inhabit conference will confront the disconnection that many people have with their bodies and with the planet as we consider issues around the domination, control, and oppression of bodies, human and earthly.

The (re)inhabit conference is rooted in ecotheology and embodied theology.

Early Bird Event

Dinner prepared by chef rob connoley | Thursday, OCtober 19 | 6p

James Beard Semifinalist, Chef Rob Connoley of Bulrush STL, will prepare a one-of-a-kind dinner with a special guest chef. Come for a unique and unexpected culinary experience with a collection of dishes from Ozark church cookbooks. All locally sourced and sustainable, this meal is sure to fill your soul and satisfy your palate. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!

Featured speakers

Rev Dr Eboni Marshall Turman
Chef Rob Connoley
Rev. Dr. Niles
Bishop Wilson - suit
JT Young
cara arrigo
Diana K. Rice, RD, LD

Christopher graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with a B.S. in Agronomy in 1983. In preparation for graduation, his advisor actually used the “get big or get out” line about industrial agriculture being the future of ag and the small farm being a thing of the past on him. Disenchanted, Christopher postponed his dream of farming. In the mid 90’s, he learned about the CSA model of subscription farming, and decided that was his way back into agriculture.

In 1995, Christopher founded The Farm at Kraut Run in St. Charles County, MO. He sold vegetables, eggs, goat milk, cheese and pork through the CSA, at two farmers markets and local restaurants. In 2019, he retired from farming and joined Missouri Coalition for the Environment as the Farm Specialist in their new program, Known and Grown STL. Since then, this organization has grown to a membership of 70 farms that are promoted and supported in many ways. Most recently, Known and Grown STL has launched a refrigerated delivery service designed to keep farmers on the farm growing food instead of losing a day a week to delivering. Christopher believes choosing organic food grown close to home is the best chance to reverse the effects of climate change.

Earnest has been growing food for eight years now.  He started gardening when his father became ill and couldn’t maintain his garden. In addition to planting his cherry tomatoes and greens, Earnest started container gardening in 2017. As he started expanding into different plants like cucumbers and peppers and various greens, he began working part-time as an employee of Heru Urban Farming in 2021. Earnest started out doing basic farming maintenance like weeding, watering, and mulching. But as he continued to work, he learned more skills, like operating a tractor and BCS machine, trellising vining plants, composting, tilling, and operating self-watering systems. Earnest eventually became Farm Manager of Heru Urban Farming in his second season with them in 2022, where he managed the beds where the food was grown, ensuring they were properly tilled, fed, planted, mulched, and trellised if needed.

One of the large programs Earnest helped institute at Heru Urban Farming is through the Farm to School grant. Through this grant, he was able to teach students from the Hawthorne School for Girls how to grow cucumbers from seed to harvest. He also taught them how to grow different kinds of greens in containers. 

While continuing his work at Heru Urban Farming, Earnest started his own gardening company, called Claudie’s Urban Gardens LLC, which installs container gardens for customers. They plant greens, nightshade plants, cucurbit plants, and even fruiting plants like strawberries and blueberry bushes. In their first season, they have planted 10 gardens in the St. Louis area, while earning over $6,000 in revenue. They provide ongoing support to their customers throughout the season.  In addition, they provide a gardening guide that helps them tend their garden, as well as how to deal with pests and other issues that may arise.

Throughout his 8-year tenure as a gardener/farmer, Earnest has learned a tremendous amount about growing different types of food.  He intends to learn more as he becomes a more valuable asset to Heru Urban Farming and grow the business endeavors or Claudie’s Urban Gardens.


Brittany, a Cleveland native with an unshakable commitment to change, draws strength from her inner-city roots. With a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Master’s in Human Development and Family Sciences, her research delves into youth development within the United Methodist Church through a Critical Race Theory lens, earning her esteemed awards.

With over 15 years of nonprofit experience, Brittany’s career is a testament to her passion for serving under-resourced communities. Notably, she spearheaded a million-dollar Trauma Network initiative, recognized as an emerging beacon of hope by Focus St. Louis.

As the McCausland Site Director at The Gathering United Methodist Church, Brittany oversees volunteer teams, adapts ministries to suit the site’s context, connects individuals to the church, and leads site-specific initiatives to foster a welcoming environment. Her role as Communications Chair for the Black Methodist Church for Renewal (BMCR) St. Louis Caucus reflects her commitment to her Black communities. 

In recent years, Brittany has embarked on a transformative journey exploring faith, trauma, her body, and racial identity. Through practices like Art Therapy and embracing Womanist Theology, she aims to guide fellow Christians in honoring their God-given identity. Her insightful discussions on faith and emotions have graced podcasts, and she co-authored a Facilitator Guide for ‘Get Up: Unearthing Your Passion and Taking Brave Actions in 50 Days’ with Pastor Charity Goodwin in 2022.

With 20 years in ministry, quick wit, and practical wisdom, Rev. Charity Goodwin consults leaders on small groups and formation. In addition, the integration she speaks on leadership as well as spiritual wholeness and emotional wellness.  She’s the Pastor of Spiritual Formation & Groups at The Gathering United Methodist Church in St. Louis, MO, which is her hometown. Charity strengthens her ministry with certifications in Emotional Intelligence from Six Seconds as well as the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Her first book GET UP: Unearthing your Passion and Taking Brave Action in 50 Days was released as a devotional journal in March 2020.

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SCHOLARSHIPS: If you are a clergy, church leader or seminary student who has insufficient Continuing Education funds to cover the registration fee for this conference, you may request a scholarship by emailing [email protected] for assistance.

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The Walk Justly Conference is an annual gathering of pastors, ministry leaders and congregants who are dedicated to creating change in their local communities. Each year, the Walk Justly Conference will focus on a new topic in order to connect, resource, educate, and empower individuals towards effective, culturally informed, context specific ministries.


This year’s conference will offer a variety of guest speakers of diverse backgrounds and callings. Registration includes the opportunity to attend six workshops, and a schedule will be created that allows each applicant the chance to participate their top six choices!


Twice daily worship experiences will cover all genres, pulling from diverse liturgical resources, shared with the excellence and inspiration that Manchester UMC is known for. Guest preachers include the Rev. Dr. Eboni Marshall Turman & the Rev. Dr. Timothy Eberhart.


Interactive prayer room includes works from diverse artists expanding images for God, Christ and the Holy Ghost beyond the dominant and domineering culture. There are opportunities for breath prayer, mediation, interactive coloring, and napping.


Meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided. We will work to accommodate dietary sensitivities and to keep this conference as green as possible. All participants get a conference bag that includes a t-shirt, pens, handouts, & more!



Exactly How Did I Get Here?

Romans 5:6-8. We all wonder how we got to the places we inhabit. Sometimes we muddle along and find ourselves in a place of great blessing. We receive more than we’ve given. But the opposite is also true: Sometimes we do our due diligence, but everything turns to mud. Problems

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Pastor's Note

A Dream of Manchester UMC

The night before my first Monday as part of the staff of Manchester UMC, I had a dream. I dreamed I was packing a large suitcase. Evidently, I was traveling to some spot where I was to address a large group of people on a topic dealing with spiritual life. But I was having

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This Moment To Arise

Psalm 37:1-6. The transfiguration event revealed the identity of Jesus in a flash of light. The disciples witnessed it, but had to go back down the mountain into the darkness of the world around them. Even though we are broken and flawed, God’s “limitless, undying love” shines all around us

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