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Have you ever felt like this?

by Rev. Andy Blacksher, Executive Pastor

Simon Peter, Thomas (called Didymus), Nathanael from Cana in Galilee, Zebedee’s sons, and two other disciples were together.  Simon Peter told them, “I’m going fishing.” They said, “We’ll go with you.” They set out in a boat, but throughout the night they caught nothing.             —John 21:2-3 (Common English Bible)

Have you ever felt like this before? The disciples had been sitting around not knowing what to do. Then they decided to just go and do something… anything! They set out to do the one thing they knew how to do, they went fishing. And what happened? They caught nothing.

Have you ever felt like this before? Have you ever tried to do the simplest things that you know you can’t fail at, and even that doesn’t work for you? When this has happened to me it has been a humbling feeling of being absolutely stuck.

And then Jesus appears. Jesus got the disciples moving again. When Jesus appears we receive new purpose, passion, and promise. I invite you to join me for worship this weekend as we explore what happens when the risen Christ shows up in our lives and gets us moving.


Pastor's Note

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