Look Again

April 25, 2018
“The Lord is my shepherd…” In the midst of darkness and pain there is still the excruciating beauty of living in the moment. Think you know Psalm 23? Look Again…
God is infinitely above us in every aspect. To think you understand one part of God, you are confronted by the total opposite: infinitely wise yet amazingly simple.
You are not who you think you are. We are limited people, controlled by forces beyond our understanding, and seeing things from skewed perspectives. So, to be able to say…

Easter Peace

April 5, 2018
Easter is preceded by a jumble of emotions, but the appearance of Christ brings PEACE. Find out what peace really means in the Easter sermon by Sr. Pastor Greg Weeks.
“The story (of the Good Samaritan by Jesus) is not about to whom are we to be neighbors. It’s about who is a neighbor to us."  (William Willimon)
“…church is not where we get what we want out of God; church is God’s means for getting what God wants out of us.” (William Willimon)
Don’t we just love to hide all of our bad qualities, mistakes, and doubts! We hide them away, because maybe then they will go away. It never works.
The jolts in our lives often make us look at things from a broader perspective. We can understand them better by seeking God’s direction and celebrating what we discover.
“…fear out of proportion, fear that plays upon insecurities and builds artificial barriers between us, is fear that cheats us of all that God intends us to be.” (William H.…