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The Good Soil

This week, we have the benefit of a parable that Jesus actually explains! In Matthew 13, Jesus shares the “Parable of the Good Soil,” and then he talks with his disciples about what it could mean. This is rare. Most of the time, Jesus just tells us the story and lets us wonder about what…
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The Good Wage

This week’s parable in our “Good” Stories worship series is commonly referred to as “The Laborers in the Vineyard.” For the purposes of our worship series, we are referring to it as “The Good Wage.” You can find the parable in Matthew 20:1-16. I gotta say, this is a challenging story. It challenges some pretty basic…
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Good Stories July Sermon Series

“Good” Stories

Our next worship series here at Manchester is going to be a really “good” one. In fact, we are calling it “Good Stories.” Four weeks, four parables, each with something in it that is called “good.” However, each story has a bit of a twist. The part of the story that is called “good” may not…
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A BIG Idea

As we wrap up our three week series, “Sin and Forgiveness,” we’ll be thinking about a really BIG idea. In fact, you might say it’s the biggest idea. It’s an idea that actually lasts forever. Because the idea is … well, lasting forever. Sunday we will be thinking together about “Eternal Life.” Our finite minds truly cannot…
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Pandemic Plan-Ministry&Mission

Good news, everyone! The church is NOT re-opening. (Um, pastor… did you just say “NOT re-opening?”) Yes, indeed I did! The church is not re-opening when the “Stay at Home” orders lift, because THE CHURCH NEVER CLOSED! I am so grateful for all the wonderful ways you have continued to be the church during this…
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