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Missouri Annual Conference

The Missouri Annual Conference met in Branson over the weekend, and Manchester UMC was represented by the five appointed clergy and five lay persons. The conference was a mix of worship, learning, connecting with one another, and required business.  At the conference, as expected, Bishop Bob Farr appointed Rev. Andy Bryan, Rev. Phil Estes, Rev.…
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Moments of Connection

One of my favorite interactions in the Gospels is Jesus’s interaction with Zacchaeus. This week we will focus on this wonderful story in the third week of our “Make Us One” worship series. The story of Zacchaeus is really short (pun intended), just ten verses. Zach suddenly pops into the story, and then just as…
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Fire of the Holy Spirit

This week we will continue our worship series called, “Make Us One.” It is Pentecost, the annual celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit. The liturgical color of the season is red, and as a part of the remembrance it is customary for those gathering for worship to wear red clothing. (Feel free to…
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Make Us One

This weekend we are launching a new worship series called “Make Us One.” The theological focus for this series is unity. And specifically, Christian unity. What exactly does it mean to be “one body,” considering how diverse we are? Over the next four weeks, we will spend some time with that question. One thing that…
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Immersive Conversion

This week is the last in our “Encountering Christ” worship series. This series has featured six of the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus, with a particular look at the way he “introduces himself” to people. We’ve been focusing on evangelism, the proclamation of the good news of Jesus, by thinking about how we can introduce the…
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Gospel Comparisons

This week’s post-resurrection appearance of Jesus is found in Luke 24:36-49, and it comes immediately after the “Walk to Emmaus” story we focused on last week. In fact, the section begins in Luke 24:36 with the phrase, “While they were talking about this…” And it turns out that the “this” that they were talking about…
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Politics & the Church

This Backstage Pass was presented on Wednesday, November 17 at 7p. Together we discussed how politics and the church intersect within The United Methodist Church and Manchester UMC. Rev. Andy Bryan explained how The United Methodist Church, Manchester UMC and individual clergy go about choosing which social and political topics to address. They also explored…
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Photo showing Rev. Andy Bryan

Rev. Andy Bryan

Rev. Andy Bryan is our Lead Pastor. He and his wife, Erin, are the parents of three children, and serve as a foster family. Rev. Andy’s appointment before coming to us was at Campbell United Methodist Church in Springfield, Missouri. He has 19 years of pastoral experience, plus seven years in music ministry. He studied at…
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