Topic: sermon

Unbudged in Their Tracks

January 19, 2021
God calls people to humility, to not think so highly of ourselves. The Zax (like the scribes and Pharisees) are unwilling to humble themselves and change their ways.  


January 11, 2021
When Jesus comes to be baptized, he is aligning himself fully with God's will, God's desire for his life and ministry. When we renew our baptism promises, we are re-aligning…

Take Time…Now

We only have so much time in this life, COVID or no COVID, and for many, time has clearly become the most precious asset of all.

Are We Helping or Hurting?

December 27, 2020
How do we disagree without being disagreeable? How do we disagree without it being about proving you wrong and me right? How do we disagree from a posture, from a…