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Year-Round Generosity

The Year-Round Generosity Experience Includes:


God calls us to return our first fruits to support God’s work specifically through our church. Here is how we understand the biblical model of returning “first-fruits” to the owner of the vineyard, our generous God: giving back a specific percentage of income, working toward a 10% tithe of our take-home pay, or as we’re blessed.


Our preaching pastors include biblically-based references to financial discipleship in their messages and in our worship liturgy on a weekly basis. Your stories of generosity are a model and a witness to God’s love.


Classes in biblically-based money management provide opportunities for positive and practical action. You’ll learn how to save more, how to pay down and stay out of debt; how to grow spiritually around finances; how to manage God’s gifts, so that we might experience God’s blessings as we are a blessing to others. Watch our eNews and our course catalog for the next opportunity.


We have held strong and expanded the reach of the good news by using our website, social media, and live-streaming platforms to gather, worship, learn, witness, and serve in ways that have expanded our reach for Christ on a 24/7 basis. Last year alone, our website had 94,317 visitors from countries worldwide including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia.


God blessed us with gifts of financial leadership this year that have been experienced most recently in multiple new ways. One family led the way with a first-fruits gift of $40,000 that grew to $114,723 by early October as others were inspired to join the effort to support our Mission and Ministry for Christ, and equip our church to thrive during the lingering pandemic.


Pastor's Note

Venom: Jesus & Nicodemus

   It seemed like every televised football game in the 1970s had a huge banner displayed in the stands near the end-zone with “John 3:16” emblazoned on it. Many times, the banner was the work of one man, Rollen Stewart, who traveled from town to town, seemingly just to unfurl

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