Bike Rehab

Bike Rehab

A garden in memory of Tina Donahue was recently planted at the Bike House. In 2017, Tina moved to St. Louis and immediately embraced the mission of Bike Rehab and the Bike Rehab’s members lovingly embraced Tina. The Bike House Garden was donated by Mary Corwin in memory of her sister, Christina (Tina) Donahue. We feel honored to have had Tina as part of the Bike Rehab team.

Bike Rehab

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Manchester UMC’s Bike Rehab ministry is a group that receives bikes as donations, then cleans and repairs them. This ministry works with a number of local nonprofit organizations who receive our bikes and distribute them to those in need. Children and youth can experience the joy of riding, while adults have the option of using the bikes as transportation to and from their jobs.

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Bike Rehab is to collect, recondition and distribute bikes to mission agencies and/or individuals. In the process, we foster lasting relationships and community amongst participants.

Our History

You never know how a ministry will be born. This ministry was not envisioned and developed by a group of bike riders and enthusiasts, but by a group who prepared breakfast each month for individuals joining our church.  It started with “Let’s put our small change in a coffee can each month and at the end of the year buy a bike for charity”.  Two months later it was “Do you suppose we could collect some used bikes, fix them up, and give them to LifeWise STL” – (a partner organization in St. Louis inner city).  Within three months, 60 bikes had been donated to the agency. Since our start in the year 2000, almost 10,000 bikes have been shared with agencies, groups and individuals.

How Bike Rehab Works

Donated bikes are evaluated to determine if the bike can be rehabbed to an excellent condition within the limits of financial investment and time involvement that the ministry is willing to invest. Bikes that do not qualify to be rehabbed are used for parts.

Each usable bike is “logged in” and tagged with an itemized check list to identify the make, model, type, tire size, and any other feature of the bike that may need to be repaired or adjusted. The bike is cleaned and scheduled for rehab days when volunteers gather in mass to work. Parts and supplies are gathered for bikes that are to be rehabbed.

All of the Bike Rehab workers are 100% unpaid, volunteers who enjoy bringing miles of smiles to people in need through bikes.

When bikes have been completely rehabbed and ready for distribution, the bikes are transported to our ministry recipients. The bikes and helmets are systematically distributed to selected children and their families.

Volunteer Opportunities

Work with Us

The Bike House is located at 201 Creve Coeur Ave., Manchester, MO, and open:

  • Mondays 8 a.m. to Noon
  • Tuesdays 8 a.m. to Noon
  • Thursdays 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Some of the rehabbing tasks include: replacing tires, tubes, grips, brake pads, cables, cable housing, reflectors, seats, pedals, and kick stands.  Each bike is cleaned and polished to enhance its appearance and prepare it for extended service to a joyful recipient. No experience needed! Tools and supplies will also be provided!

The Bike House is closed for the following holidays: weeks of Christmas and New Years, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Day after Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.

Work Weekends

Bike Rehab Work Weekends are back!

The Work Weekends occur on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 8a to Noon.

Help us meet our goal of giving away Bike Rehab’s 10,000th bike!

Ways to Volunteer at Work Weekends

  • Cleaner – Helps clean the bikes (4 volunteers)
  • Mechanic – Helps repair the bike(s) (8 volunteers)
  • Leader – Helps open & close the Bike House and provides training

Volunteers must: 

  1. pre-register.
  2. be at least 18 years old.
  3. sign in on the provided clipboard upon entering.

Please view the available slots by clicking on the “Volunteer Sign Up” button and let us know you are coming!

Service Hour Opportunities

Service hour opportunities for the Bike Rehab are currently on pause. Please email Mary Corwin if you you or someone you know is interested in service hour opportunities. Many organizations accept volunteer service hours completed with Bike Rehab.

Donation & Financial Support

Donation Information

To donate bikes, drop them off at the Bike House, 201 Creve Coeur Ave., Manchester, MO, outside the building. If you are unable to drop off your bikes, please email Dean Wilson.

Financial Support

The Bike Rehab ministry offers bikes in “like new” condition for a suggested donation to help fund the expenses of this ministry. The listing of these bikes are on the Bike Rehab ministry’s Facebook page.

The average cost to rehab a bike is $26.00, which includes a $12.00 helmet. Other expenses include tools, bike stands, replacement parts, and cleaning supplies.

Bicycle Recycle Art

Beginning in July 2017, some creative volunteers began to use parts from retired bicycles to make lamps, bicycle hangers, bike racks, and colorful yard sculptures.  Anyone can take a piece of this fun art home for a suggested donation to Bike Rehab . There is always room for more creativity, so join us to create bike art by emailing Joann Harris or Barry Cundy.

Other Information

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