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Congregation Update

2022 Staffing Release Date: January 12, 2022 The Leadership Board of Manchester UMC has recently approved an operating budget for 2022. This plan will support Manchester UMC in continuing to advance the important mission of transforming church and community. It is made possible through the committed financial discipleship of those who generously contribute to the…
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2022 Discipleship Promise

Download the Discipleship Promise Card Begin financial discipleship today! We’re doing things differently with online worship and ministry for all ages. We’re also doing financial discipleship differently. We are simplifying the process to make it part of our daily lives. Giving Discipleship This year, we will complete our personal Discipleship Promise Card and, here’s what’s…
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Photo of a green sprout gtrowing from a stump.

Year-Round Generosity

The Year-Round Generosity Experience Includes: Response God calls us to return our first fruits to support God’s work specifically through our church. Here is how we understand the biblical model of returning “first-fruits” to the owner of the vineyard, our generous God: giving back a specific percentage of income, working toward a 10% tithe of…
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