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Family Intruder Training

Intruder Training

Many teachers and students in our area are using an intruder training strategy called the 4E’s (Educate, Evade, Escape, and Engage). At Manchester UMC we have adopted this program as well for our Children and Youth Ministries. Here are links to learn more about the company that provides this training and how it is performed.…
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Family Hands touching

Parent Resources

Welcome to the Children and Family Ministries Parent Resource page. As we journey through the experience of parenthood together, here are some resources that will help along the way. New topics and resources will be added over time so feel free to check back frequently. We have added a Parent Resource Wall to the Children’s…
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Safe Gatherings at Manchester UMC

We follow a practice called “Safe Gatherings” (formerly known as “Safe Sanctuary”) to help ensure the safety of minors and vulnerable adults as well as our staff and volunteers. It is our practice that volunteers provide relevant personal information, undergo a background screening, successfully complete online child safety training and receive  recommendations from two references…
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